1. Revise:

This writing process is a very important one.  In fact, only few writers can produce a satisfactory copy on the first attempt. The revision should be at least the half of what you expect to take for redaction, it depend on witch type of writer you are. Some writers prefer to write their first attempt quickly, without taking care of orthographic, grammar and punctuation errors. Some other prefers to revise these things as long as they write their text.
Then you have to revise your text; for clarity and for conversational tone. The clarity of your writing will improve the understanding of it. Using long and complicated sentences do not help; it makes your text foggy. In fact, clarity is improved by avoiding indirect sentences and pompous language. Don’t forget, the goal of business writing is to express, not to impress.
Having a conversational tone is useful in business writing. Business writing should be warm and friendly. By using conversational tone you achieve to make any formal business writing effective and appropriate. To write in a conversational tone, the writer should.

-Write the way you talk.
-Use contractions
-Pass the “read out loud” test
-Don’t use jargon, buzzwords or obscure words